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Bamboo bicycles in Australia. Based in Melbourne,  we work with social enterprises around the globe to bring good quality eco-friendly bicycles made from sustainable resources.


Our Story

Ecoshift bamboo bicycles designed right here in Melbourne,

Australia. Meet the team making all this possible.



To create an all-around sustainable business we have to get three things right: A product people love, love to the people that make the bamboo frames, and good vibes with mother earth.

We achieve this by delivering high-quality, well-designed bicycles, made in collaboration with social enterprises using bamboo and natural fibers as the foundation of our building materials. 




Bill Rutten, AKA Bambilly

CEO/Flying Dutchman

 Manila to Sagada bamboo bike challenge

Manila to Sagada bamboo bike challenge

Billy, as a proper Dutchman, has been a bicycle freak since he can remember. He started mountain biking over a decade ago and has been pedalling forward ever since. At the same time, while finishing his masters in economics, his passion for entrepreneurship grew exponentially. However, it wasn’t until after he travelled the world that he became hungry and foolish enough to start a project of his own. Finally, in June 2015, Bill's and Ivan's paths crossed here in Melbourne and the half Dutch/half Spanish met the half Mexican/half Canadian. Creativity started flowing and soon enough the Ecoshift project was born.

After several months of research, the bamboo exploration trip came about and off he went to the Philippines. It was an inspiring journey and his vision of starting a sustainable, but also profitable business was reaffirmed. He got to know the people behind the scenes and how communities are being developed by fair trade employment through the production of bamboo bicycles. A product test was inevitable. This turned out to be a 500 km challenge and one of the toughest rides he had done. He documented it on Facebook: Manila to Sagada bamboo bike challenge.

Now, back in Melbourne, he draws out Ecoshift’s strategy and works around the clock to create a better and more efficient business.


Gerardo Rangel, AKA Ivan /ee-VAHN/

COO/Smooth rider

 Melbournian exploration

Melbournian exploration

Gerardo grew up to the true definition of a nomad. Living in 3 different continents, 4 countries and 11 cities nourished his adventurous spirit, and so the love for bicycles began. “There is no better way to explore the new grounds then on a bicycle.” From standing on the back pegs of mom’s mountain bike on the way to school to his new  bamboo fixie, Gerardo has been on almost any type of bicycle imaginable.

Thanks to some very influential minds in Canada, Gerardo found out about the magical world of bamboo bicycles and immediately fell in love. He wanted to share it with the world. He thought, “There is no better way to be sustainable, then by riding a sustainably made bicycle” He calls it “sustainability²”. So, he set off to Asia, with the Philippines as his principal destination. But his adventurous spirit took him a bit further down under. This is where he met Bill, the business mastermind. Their language connection quickly formed a familiar bond between the two, and so they embarked on an adventure together, to share the bamboo love with the world.

Now, back in Melbourne, he manages the community, finds innovative marketing techniques and makes final decisions on bicycle designs.


Dan Cohen, AKA Double D (Digital Dan)

Digital Consultant // Photographer

 Dan, can you put down the camera for a second please!

Dan, can you put down the camera for a second please!

Dan has a wealth of experience in the Digital Industry, working hands-on for Havas Lynx in the UK, helping pharmaceutical clients produce amazing, innovative digital marketing materials. Dan has been lucky enough to take this work all over the world. With this experience under his belt, and a hunger for new creative challenges, he decided to take a break from pharmaceutical advertising and moved to Melbourne.

Now working freelance, he has the opportunity to travel in his spare time, and captures the spirit of all these locations on his personal blog. Having been a budding professional photographer for over 5 years, and combining his love of bicycles and sustainability, he offered to help out the Ecoshift team by capturing their new range of products in interesting spaces. Dan helped to build this website, and produces images to help promote Ecoshift’s fresh produce.