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Bamboo bicycles in Australia. Based in Melbourne,  we work with social enterprises around the globe to bring good quality eco-friendly bicycles made from sustainable resources.


Corporate Bicycles

Ecoshift bamboo bicycles designed here in Melbourne, Australia. Get sustainable bicycles for your company. Custom designed with your corporate colours and a bamboo sign with your company name and logo.

Corporate Bicycles


We at Ecoshift believe that a successful business is built on a great reputation. This reputation includes your environmental, social, cultural and economic values. It is important to show potential customers that not only do you care about these values, but you are actively considering these values when developing your business. Ecoshift bamboo bicycles represents these values, conveying your commitment to sustainability, social impact, design and innovation. The message is clear: if you ride a bamboo bicycle, these are the values you care about.

Whether it’s your personal ride or you lend them to your employees or customers, our bicycles provide a unique and engaging way of getting your brand out there.


We found 5 big advantages of using our bicycles compared to traditional marketing techniques:


  • No time limit > It's an ongoing marketing campaign 
  • Mobility ­> Events, weekends or just at work, now you can take your billboard anywhere
  • Community ­> Be part of the community that supports this cause
  • Discovery ­> Intriguing and eye-catching, let people discover you through their own curiosity
  • Engagement ­> Connect on a deeper level with your audience


We can customize your bikes exactly how you like them. Contact us.